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Hot Dan Peppers

Pizza Pack

Pizza Pack

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Pizza night is getting a major upgrade! This is what makes pizza one of Hot Dan's favorite meals. Season it with Pizza Finisher, give it a glaze of Hot Honey, and really bring the heat with Spicy Sauce. Dan mixes Spicy Sauce with ranch and dips the pizza in it! You are going to love this!


The Pizza Finisher

You deserve more than just regular pizza. Whether it's frozen or delivery, Hot Dan's Pizza Finisher delivers. The perfect blend to bring just the right amount of heat and really kick up the flavor of your pie. Before you know it, you will be sneaking this into your favorite pizza joint. Get your 'za zinged by Hot Dan today!

Hot Honey

Hot honey that is actually hot! This stuff is sweet and spicy, and so delicious! The honey is sourced from Nelson's Honey. Paul Nelson has local hives in O'fallon and Wright city. The peppers are all grown in Wentzville. We infuse the honey with peppers at low temps, then remove the peppers and add a bit of apple cider vinegar. 

Hot Dan's Spicy Sauce

We may be biased, but NOTHING compares to this sauce! A hot sauce that is packed with flavor. All the peppers, onions, garlic, and ginger are roasted, bringing an added depth to this sauce. Instead of using a bunch of vinegar, we decided to use lime juice. You will want to put this on everything. Hot Dan's favorite to mix with ranch and dip pizza in it (with the Pizza Finisher, of course!).


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