About us

Hot Dan and his hot wife have 5 kids and one on the way. We enjoy spending time in the garden together, and everyone gets to try all of Hot Dan's experimental recipes. 

The Garden: It started small and grew quickly. More and more plants get vetoed every year to make room for more pepper plants. Lots of time, love, and hard work go into making our garden successful each year.

The Market: Our first launch into sharing our love of peppers with the world. We brought 20 varieties of peppers to the farmers market in 2020. It was a success, and many people experienced heat the way it is meant to be - with flavor. Our kids learn a lot about sales and marketing, and it is a great experience to be able to teach them. 

The Seasonings: Going into 2021 we wanted to be at the market all season. We dried a ton of peppers from the previous harvest and got to work on some seasoning creations. Finding that grinders offer the best flavor, we relied heavily on them. Most of our seasonings are still in grinders. We have just scratched the surface so far, and hope to release many more fun seasoning blends, with a kick of course.

The Future: There are so many products we want to offer. Sauces, condiments, jellies, and much more. We will be releasing more and more as we grow!