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Hot Dan Peppers

Dad Pack

Dad Pack

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Get dad the perfect gift for Fathers Day! The Dad Pack includes manly seasonings that are perfect for grilling and smoking. It also includes a gift bag AND a card for dad. Your Father’s Day shopping is done!

Smoked Chipotle Salt

Smoked salt AND smoked jalapenos?! Yep. We did that. This adds a ridiculous amount of flavor to your food. Get it now, you’ll be happy you did!

Hot Dan’s Steak Starter

The steaks have been raised. Introducing The Steak Starter. Coarse salt and peppercorns with a kick of heat and a taste of garlic. Enough to bring out the best in your meat, not so much that it takes away. Although designed for steak, this is the most versatile of our seasonings. Enjoy on all savories.

Clark’s Sweet-N-Spicy BBQ Rub

Named after our daughter, Clark, who is sweet... and spicy. This Saint Louis style BBQ rub holds up to long smokes and gives a wonderful bark that is as good as its bite. Finish your smoke off with this for some awesome flavor right before you bite in. Clark, you go grill!

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