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Hot Dan Peppers

Breakfast Bunch!

Breakfast Bunch!

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You're awake, wake those taste buds up too! This Breakfast Bunch has everything you need to give you a breakfast breakthrough. Ember's Hot Salt and Pepper Squared give you salt a pepper with a kick, Louisiana Style Hot Sauce to really heat things up, and some Chipotle Smoked Salt to give your breakfast a delicious and subtle smoky flavor


Embers Hot Sale

When you feel salty, you act spicy. Ember's Hot Salt is a necessity in your kitchen. Smoldering hot flakes mix with coarse pink salt bring you this simple, yet delectable treat. Grind on anything you would add salt to. 

Pepper² Squared

Are you always adding TONS of pepper to your food but it's never enough? Put the shaker down and get Pepper². This combined delicious peppercorns with pepper flakes in a grinder to deliver the right amount of heat and flavor to your dish. Get squared away today!

Sierra's Louisiana Style Hot Sauce

Our Louisiana Hot sauce is made with a blend of hots and super hots, making it a hot sauce that’s actually… hot! There is a sweetness to this, all from the sweetness of the peppers used. It’s a Hot Dan Fan Favorite. Hot peppers combined with vinegar, garlic, salt, and water. Simple but high quality ingredients give Hot Dan’s Louisiana Style Hot Sauce incredible flavor and a ton of versatility - it goes on everything!

Ember's Chipotle Smoked Salt

Smoked salt AND smoked jalapenos?! Yep. We did that. This adds a ridiculous amount of flavor to your food. Get it now, you'll be happy you did!


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